#1 Biggest mistake entrepreneurs, hustlers, 9 to 5 ers and beyond make...

 Working for their dream LIFESTYLE!

The keys every highly effective entrepreneur needs to know to accelerate your success; while living your dream lifestyle. 

Live building, not busy! 

This kit will help you:

  •  Design & establish a lifestyle that serves YOU! So, you can live, lead and thrive! "Become the architect of your DESTINY!" 
  • ​ Manage the mind sets behind your lifestyle & success 
  • Understand your "building blockers"  and their impact on your success 
  • ​Give you tips, hacks and great apps to support your goals  
  • ​​Instruct you on how to Build your A team, script your A "frame" {Lifestyle through vision} so you can SHOW UP AT  your A game & shine! (Who do you need to employ, deploy or connect with to help you build better...stronger?)
  • ​ Create, establish and grow from a 10 minute bible study routine.
  • ​So much more!!!!

 This is your season!
 Get the kit now! 

Start building today and become the architect of destiny! 

Busy is NOT building! 

Building is assimilating:

Vision, systems and strategies that produce while building your business, home & dream lifestyle  in real time. 

Busyness may be threatening more 
than you think!

  •  Money lost
  • ​Your health and mental stability 
  • ​Healthy relationships 
  • ​Unfulfilled God given destiny   

Everyone believes they're working to build their dream LIFESTYLE> 

But...after years of being BUSY seldom do they reach it!  The ones who do; often pay the price with their health, loved ones (they thought would share that dream lifestyle with them) and so much more.

 What if how your building is only creating "busy"; 
 locking you out of your dream?

What if you could achieve total lifestyle transformation with ONLY 5 Key moves

Get the blue print for success. 

Aren't you tired of living with more
 task...than time? 

Change how you do what you do, and what you do will change! 

About the author ....

This is me...

Who is Tamara you may ask? 
A mother of twelve who lives in upstate New York where my husband and I both grew up, attended school and raise our family. 
I am no stranger to hard work nor a busy life. 
Over the  last decade I planted a growing and thriving church, started a company, invested, coach individuals and companies and sit on the board of a non for profit serving individuals within the city.
It's fair to say I am driven to see lives transformed and live as an architect of my destiny! It has been my honor to serve, mentor and minister to people from all walks of life and leaders around the world to see them build abundance in their lives. 
I learned over years of being busy the cost and loss associated with it. Let my learn, be your earn! 
It is my deepest desire to journey with you as you "work your dirt" and fulfill your destiny as well! 

 It's time to 
"Break Busy & Build Better!" 


Of course ...it's an acrynm but definitely the secret sauce for success !!! 


What's in the kit? 

  • The Busy Girl's Guide to Success (paperback book) 
  • The Busy Girl's Code (Over 302 pages of guided journal, planning and key lessons) 
  • The Busy Girl's Key chart (laminated ringed cards for quick reminders and builders keys)
  • ​Access to private group for coaching, meet ups and more  
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