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How entrepreneurs and busy moms can build dream lifestyles they love; without overwhelm!

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After being soccer mom, caring for mom and dad, date night, running your empire and more....Where is the time for you? 
Are you ready to break out of survival mode and build success? 
Search no more! 
The Busy Girl's Guide to Success is just what you need to succeed and flourish!

About the author ....

This is me...

Who is Tamara you may ask? For starters I'm a:

• Wife and Mother of 12... Yup, you read that right mother of twelve.
• Business owner, managing multiple businesses to include Course Creation, Life Coach, Business Coach and Global Motivational Speaker 
• Author
• Minister

I'm a builder.... and like a stress free, thriving and fulfilling  lifestyle is super important to me! 

That's why it's time to "Break Busy & Build Better!" 

This book will help you:

  •  Design & establish a lifestyle that serves YOU! So, you can live, lead and thrive! "Become the architect of your DESTINY!" 
  • ​ Manage the mind sets behind your lifestyle & success 
  • Understand your "building blockers"  and their impact on your dream lifestyle 
  • ​Give you tips, hacks and great apps to support your ideal  lifestyle 
  • ​​Instruct you on how to Build your A team, script your A "frame" {Lifestyle through vision} so you can SHOW UP AT  your A game & shine! 


Busyness may be threatening more than you think!

Get the blue print for success. 

Aren't you tired of feeling like there's more task...than time? 

3 Things Busyness may be costing you...

  •  Money lost, wasted and missed/ untapped 
  • ​Your health and mental stability 
  • ​Healthy relationships 
  • ​Unfulfilled God given destiny   


Of course's an acrynm but definitely the secret sauce for success !!! 


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